The Story of the Koehn Family and Koehn Woodworks, LLC

The Koehn Family: It all started in Moundridge Kansas…City Slickers we were, Daniel and Susan, living only a block apart in that little town…going to the same church, being in the same youth group. Love hit and marriage was the result! Building was something Dan enjoyed doing….built a house, thinking to resell but started his little home there instead. Two dear little children were born there but town looked to be not a really good place for them to run. Thought about different things and then settled on a fixer upper farm 30 miles north. Hanging sheetrock, building cabinets….remodeling that old farm house…..and barn to begin a dairy and begin Farming!!!! Good times, Hard times, another child to make 3…Snickers, the dog … and cows and calves, hay baling, corn harvest, driving truck, school days, church and friends. Good memories!

Then came December of 1999 and a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family (They were woodworkers by trade!). Our small dairy was having financial difficulties; we felt a welcome and soon it was moving time. Pennsylvania…and Shippensburg….Here we come!!

What is going to happen??….Our friends come to the rescue! Driving back and forth to a friend’s old barn …woodworking there…. Tim helping Dad in the ‘shop’, Tyler going to school, Lori working at Farmer’s Market and Mom keeping the home fires burning…and sometimes helping at the ‘barn’.

Times are good. Another friend turned Building Contractor and Daniel turned Cabinet Maker. Then setting up shop at Weaver Road, and a few years later at a new place on Rice Road. Busy with several Contractors and building was good….but then our builder friend went to the Mission and the Recession hit. What now?

Sale. A move to Tyler’s ‘investment’ house near Newville. Going back and forth on Horn Rd. to the lot on Ritner….

Two years past….Daniel was busy building the Shouse (our shop – house!). He started cabinet jobs as soon as possible…and trying to find time to work on the house part. Finally just decided to go for it and get it done!

Business….It’s been good along this Route 11….Son, Tyler, decided to join us here!…. as a partner on January 1, 2017.

Let’s get organized!! That’s what we did…starting in the office. The changes we made together, here and there started making a difference. Now our business was an LLC partnership instead of just a plain Koehn Woodworks!

In summary: As we made all the changes from the start to finish, we asked God to lead us and help us. We got the ‘good’ price we were asking for the farm. We found love and acceptance at Shippensburg….and help from very kind friends….and then continued help from others as we established our business. We felt the place at Weaver Road was an answer to prayer as our business expanded and we needed to set up a shop of our own.  Our daughter married a very nice fellow…and he provided another step in the journey as property that he purchased provided us a nice place to build a house and a shop on Rice Road south of Shippensburg. Those were busy years but by the end of the seventh year there on Rice Rd. the door was closing as the Recession hit.  Did we make the right decision at this point or not; sometimes that has been a question to us but we journeyed on in the path we were going. Tyler purchased a house as he felt the open door, we moved in, and we somehow made it through those two years of constructing our ‘new’ place.

Now we are here at 2222 Ritner! We hung the sign on the mailbox, moved in, and work started in earnest. We have often been amazed how our work schedule has been, without advertising; the little sign by the road doing the trick. Not only that, tho, but God’s providence in bringing customers to our door.

For our life and for our customers…We Are Thankful! May we continue to be of service to those around us.