We have two granite and quartz fabricators. Depending on your situations we may recommend one over the other. 

M.R. Stone out of Monrovia Maryland is the source for economical Granite or Quartz tops including our budget Granites.

  • Eased edge profile on counter edges
  • Installation crew is focused on giving you economical service.
  • Samples of granite and quartz colors available at our showroom.  

MR Stone gives you a nice price break!  

They use Granite and Quartz from MSI Surfaces which is a wholesale stone supplier that is located around Philadelphia. We can also share photo’s of the actual slab that they are specifying for your project. They offer many brands of quartz products, but their main brand is MSI Surfaces.

Here is a link to the colors of Granite, MSI Surfaces offer.

Here is a link to the colors of Quartz, MSI Surfaces offer.    

And…  Here is a link to the  list of the price levels and corresponding colors. Prices are per square foot of surface including templating, installation. There are special charges for cutouts, installation of sinks, etc.  There is a minimum charge for smaller tops. We can give you a quote on your particular layout.

Classic Rock Fabrications out of Mechanicsburg is an all around good stone fabricator.

  • Customer-focused sales team.
  • A beautiful showroom.
  • Detail oriented installation team.
  • Numerous edge profiles to choose from.
  • A wide array of quartz brands, and granite colors.

Classic Rock may not be the lowest price, but may be worth the price if you are looking for a premium job.

You will need to set up an appointment with them to choose your slab of Granite or Quartz. They will ask, what dealer you are working through, due to the fact that they only sell through dealers.

The process starts with talking to us and sharing your countertop layout so we can give you a quote. All prices come from us. We give you a sheet specifying the price of your countertop in the different price levels. You can then make an informed decision when you are looking at the material in the Classic Rock showroom. Here is a link to the Colors that Classic Rock offers. You can view the whole slab picture if it is available for viewing! Narrow down the choices by using the drop-down menus, making sure to hit the search button at the bottom of the page to refresh the selections. 

You can specify either the basic 1 yr. sealer  or their premium 25 yr. sealer on the granite of your choice.