Resources to Help Finalize your Project

Handle and Knob Selections

We  offer 3 different brands of Hardware. Click on the brand name to go to their online catalogs.

The Hardware Resources website has retail prices.. The other brands, you will need to tell me the item number and I will get you the prices. 


We have a good offering of the most poplar countertops available. Click here to read about the pro’s and con’s of the different types of material you can use for your countertop. You will also find links to the different manufacturers and their colors in the article.       


Visualizers to help Invision Your Project

There is numerous visualizers available throughout the web that can help with visualizing the different product available.. Here is a list of a few. Click on the name and it will take you to their websites. 

Remember that I can help you visualize your kitchen with our 3d program, including the colors of your walls, countertop, stain or paint color, and flooring. Just schedule an appointment. 

Sinks we can supply

We recommend using a durable sink product. Some products stain, and chip easily. Click here to read a thorough article about the pros and cons of the different sink material choices.  Below is links to sinks that we can supply.